Abe Froman's (In Absentia) A.M. Hot Links (Wed. 3/9)

Hack is spending the next few day recuperating from the Hawks first loss since Feb 18th by spending some time in beautiful Bloomington.  So for today you're stuck with me... lets hope I don't fuck it all up.

  • All sorts of interesting quotes in Jahns' recap, including the quote from Turco about learning from this game. I'm not so sure what's so different about this game than the 30 other times the Hawks have only played 40 minute but if this is finally what it takes to wake them up... awesome.
  • Six points behind Scum - Three games left against Scum. Not sayin', just sayin'.
  • Frolik is feeling comfortable with the Hawks... and I think most of us are feeling the same way.
  • Bartl goes boxing.
  • Fifth Feather wants to know where Hossa was with Turco pulled - I wouldn't mind an answer to that question either. Looking at the shift charts it seems like he should should have been available.
  • The hit everyone wants to talk about - Chara takes out Max Paciorety. Unnecessary? Yup. Brutal? Sure. Dirty? Umm... You make the call. Suspension?
  • Need some help in your fantasy league? Bryan Bickell to the rescue?
  • The Bolts are one of the many teams dealing with some injury issues - They are probably getting one, maybe two, defensemen back for tonight's tilt though.
  • Last night's scores: Canucks did the Hawks a solid by beating the Yotes.. but still gave them the charity point. Same goes for the Sharks over Nashville. These three point games are getting brutal.
  • Today's games: Plenty of scoreboard watching to do. Calgary/Dallas being the biggest non-Chicago game. This one has 3 points written all over it.. just to make things difficult.