Adam Burish is Looking for Love

Chicago Magazine recently put out their list of "Chicago's top 20 singles".  And at the very top (because of the alphabet) is none other than Adam Burish.

Just check out this adorable picture:


That's a block of cheese he's holding, if you're wondering.  At least I think it's cheese.

Here's what Burish has to say about himself

"If you ask my friends, they’ll say I’m a fun guy, that I’m easy going. But when I’m playing hockey, I’m a different person. I like to fight, I like to be confrontational, I get angry. But I leave it all at the rink. When it’s done, it’s done."

After this season, the jury is out about whether Burish actually likes to fight anymore (only 5 fighting majors this year) but he's certainly "confrontational".  I'm an unabashed Burish fan though - he's becoming a solid defensive forward and someone I want to keep on the team for a while, if only for interviews (we already lost Wiz, right?).

So what do you say ladies - wanna date Adam Burish?

h/t to my girlfriend - why is she looking at the top 20 singles?  I dunno, but I probably don't stand a chance against Burish.