Alex DeBrincat lays out Penguins player who has 50-plus pounds on him

Don’t underestimate him just because he’s 5’7.

Most of the hype surrounding Alex DeBrincat comes from his incredible scoring ability. That’ll happen when you score 65 goals in an OHL season. But in the season opener against the Penguins, the Blackhawks’ rookie winger, who stands just 5’7, gave us a glimpse of the feistiness that’s a core part of his game.


Again, DeBrincat is officially listed at 5’7, 165 pounds. Ian Cole is listed at 6’1, 219 pounds. The kid just decked somebody who has roughly six inches and over 50 pounds on him. He’s a lil’ wrecking ball out there.

Hitting will never be what defines DeBrincat’s game if he lives up to his potential as a scorer, but this element is part of what’ll help him survive in the NHL despite being so undersized. He’ll take the fight to bigger players, and that fearlessness makes him a blast to watch.

Oh, and the Blackhawks have scored eight goals. That part is good, too.