All's Well That Ends Well

To conclude the tale of one Mr. Bloome and his seats being moved for some bar (that will contain some unholy nightmare I'm sure, but more on that in a bit) the Hawks were kind enough to move him to section 321 Row 1 for the same price, so at least in this case, they have done right by a loyal fan.

That doesn't mean I think this will continue to happen.  I'll parrot what Chris Block said over at The Third Man In, basically, all of us, the die-hards, the 300 Level dwellers, the fans of this blog, we don't matter a jot to the Hawks.  We're not paying the heavy portions of their bills like the 100 level and the suite-holders especially, and we have no recourse, because if we leave, there's someone else willing and ready to take our spot.  Tis the nature of the beast, and the Hawks are hardly the only organization that sees the world this way.  In fact, they all do.  I can't even imagine what kind of douchebaggery is going to be filling these bars or whatever they are in the seats, but I'm damn sure it won't be pleasant.  I fear the raucous atmosphere we came to love in April and May will be a thing of the past as more bandwagoners and people wanting to be part of a scene are invited in, but it's something I, and we, will have to learn to live with.