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Analysis & Commentary

Blackhawks Week That Was and Will Be, 11/28: Zero fun, sir

Here is where the positive thoughts would go — if they existed.

Blackhawks Week That Was and Will Be, 11/22: Bird’s the word

Nostalgia trips for everyone!

Checking in on the bottom of the NHL standings

You know why we’re here.

The Blackhawks Week That Was and Will Be, 11/15: Shouting at the rain/snow

Winter is here.

The Blackhawks Week That Was and Will Be, 11/7: Buffalo Buffalo

Be like the ... Sabres?!

Updating the Blackhawks biggest threats for the No. 1 overall pick in 2023

We know what this season about. Here’s what’s going on at the bottom of the NHL standings.

Is Jonathan Toews Back?

That depends on what you mean, of course.

The Blackhawks Week That Was and Will Be, 10/31: Let’s remember some goals

A highlight-based update this week.

The sirens feed my nightmares

We were all thinking the same thing on Thursday night, right?

The Blackhawks Week That Was and Will Be, 10/24: Sample Size!

This is called a winning streak. Remember those?

The Blackhawks Week That Was and Will Be, 10/17: Existentialism on Opening Night

The favorite internet series of 3 or 4 people on the internet is back!

Despite all our rage, we’re still just fans in a (rebuild) cage

We need to get this off our collective chest.

Introducing: the Blackhawks Trade-o-Meter

For this season, we’re introducing the trade meter, which measures how good a return for certain players could be.

Scouting the Blackhawks biggest threats for landing the No. 1 overall pick in 2023

Want to talk about bad hockey teams? Here are some bad hockey teams.

How long will the Blachawks rebuild take? A few more possible timelines

Three more history lessons to explore.

How long will the Blackhawks’ rebuild take? Some best-case scenarios

It’s a long road back to the top — but just how long are we talking?

What to watch as Blackhawks open training camp

A new season is upon us.

Meet the new Blackhawks: Max Domi

An up-and-down career lands in Chicago, looking for another rebound season.

Meet the new Blackhawks: Andreas Athanasiou

Athanasiou, who turned 28 over the weekend, can fly.

A deep dive on No. 25 overall pick Sam Rinzel

A deep dive on the third first-round pick for the Blackhawks in the 2022 NHL Draft.

A deep dive on No. 13 overall pick Frank Nazar

"Sinatra" is one of the most offensively-talented forward prospects in the 2022 draft class

A deep dive on No. 7 overall pick Kevin Korchinski

A deep dive on Chicago’s latest top 10 pick.

On Alex DeBrincat, the rebuild and the Blackhawks’ road ahead

Some final thoughts before a pivotal stretch of days for the Blackhawks’ entire organization.

Recapping Seth Jones’ impressive debut season with the Blackhawks

Those who had doubts about Jones’ on-ice ability — ourselves included — were silenced by his play.

Where do Riley Stillman and Caleb Jones fit in the Blackhawks rebuild?

An in-depth look at a few of Chicago’s bottom-pairing defensemen from last season.

Luke Richardson says all the right things during introductory press conference

The Blackhawks new coach hit all the right notes in his first media appearance.

What should the Blackhawks do about Kirby Dach?

An analytical look into Dach’s ups and downs this season.

MacKenzie Entwistle could be useful — in the right role

Determining if Entwistle stands out among the Blackhawks abundance of bottom-six players.

Finding Connor Murphy’s best fit within the Blackhawks’ lineup

A blue-line partner that can compliment Murphy’s game would help Murphy — and the whole team.

How can the Blackhawks get the most out of Henrik Borgstrom?

It’s probably not at the end of the ice you’d expect.

Everything about the idea of trading Alex DeBrincat feels wrong

So let’s talk about it.

What value could Boris Katchouk bring to the Blackhawks next season?

Acquired from the Lightning, the winger displayed traits that the Hawks need from their bottom six.