And Now, A Second City Hockey Press Release...Or Something

We'll have commentary on roster shaping when they come up, but we've got a couple items we'd like to announce:

-You didn't think we'd let the season start without you, did you? Well, we've got the whole weekend! First, on Thursday we will be doing a blog-watch at The Bottom Lounge for the season opener (1375 W. Lake). So come on down and join us for the beginning of another strange, hazy ride. We know some of you soured a little on the Lounge during the playoffs last year, but believe me when I tell you neither we or the Lounge were completely thrilled with the way things out. Those things have been firmly ironed out, and now we have that under our belt to make sure things run the way everyone wants. So please don't hesitate to come down. Everyone's second season is better than the first, right? Quiet down Steve Mason! Anyway, in addition, we will also be having a post-game Banner Raising party there after Saturday's home opener. There'll be lots of giveaways and promotions, details of which we'll have hammered out here in the next day or two. So spend your weekend with us!

-Secondly, as our readership continues to grow we are trying to find more ways to provide you with more and different type content to fulfill your every need (this is probably where our ex girlfriends snigger).  With that, we've noticed a lot of blogs on SB have a morning links person, someone who gives you a one-stop shop of goings on around the Hawks and league or interesting reading elsewhere.  We figured it was time we hopped on board, so we are delighted to announce that Adam Hacker, or Hackerar as you might know him around these parts, will be joining the team in that capacity.  Hack has been one of our most dedicated readers/commenters, and as you all know provides a high level of insight (as well as an awesome companion at a Waffle House, but only we know that).  He'll get started tomorrow or Wednesday, and we know he's only going to enhance to the aura that we have, no matter how bad it might smell.  Welcome aboard, Hack.