Andrew Desjardins’ return still doesn’t have a timetable

Chicago remains unsure of when it’ll have the defensive-minded forward back in the fold.

Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Desjardins still doesn’t have a timetable to return to live game action, reports Mark Lazerus of the Chicago Sun-Times. Desjardins has been sidelined since the beginning of the season after suffering a lower-body injury while blocking a shot in the preseason finale.

Desjardins took the puck to his foot, and at the time of the injury, he was given a timetable of four-to-six weeks before he’d be ready to play again. It’s already been roughly three weeks, so he’s not necessarily behind schedule, although at this pace he won’t be back too soon.

Coach Joel Quenneville said during practice Sunday that the team would have a better idea of where Desjardins is at in a few days. On Friday, he told reporters that Desjardins would begin skating soon.

One change that Desjardins will make once he’s back on the ice involves his equipment. The veteran said Sunday that he wasn’t wearing skate protectors when he blocked the shot that injured him, but he’s wearing them now.

Skate protectors are pieces of plastic that can be affixed to skates and help shield the foot when blocking shots. They’re not required, and many players prefer not to wear them, but it appears Desjardins will take the compromise if it means avoiding another foot injury.

The Hawks will welcome Desjardins’ return. While his spot in the lineup isn’t immediately obvious with all the line blending going on, you have to imagine Quenneville wants him back as an option to help Chicago’s struggling penalty kill.