Announcing some adjustments to the Second City Hockey lineup

With hockey on the horizon, we have a few updates.

The most observant of SCH visitors may have noticed a subtle shift at our website over the last few weeks: most notably a movement of names and titles on the masthead along with the absence of a familiar byline on many of our articles.

Brandon Cain, whose contributions to this site over the years are immeasurable, has moved on from his position as the site manager. After a brief interim period, I’ve accepted that role and will begin handling all of its responsibilities. It’s a job that I’m thrilled to take as someone who’s been perusing this website and its comments sections for over a decade now.

Much of what I hope to accomplish as the site manager is to continue providing a steady stream of quality content that keeps frequent visitors to this site among the most knowledgeable in the Blackhawks fan base.

But I also want that content to be consistent with a mindset I’ve shared many times before on Twitter: sports are fun. At least, I believe they’re supposed to be fun. So, if I’m going to be the one managing this site, we’re going to have some fun with it — regardless of what’s happening on the ice. Whether the Hawks are competing for a Cup in 2021 or eyeing the draft lottery by March, my aim is to make this place a fun, informative, welcoming place for Blackhawks fans to immerse themselves in the team.

And this is where you come in.

I want to extend an invitation to every person reading this to come join the community at Second City Hockey. Come join us for whatever roads the Blackhawks take us down in the next few years. As I mentioned at the top, I’ve been coming to this site since the late 2000s and it’s been a massive part of my Blackhawks fandom. I’d like to return that favor by providing a similar outlet for others in this fan base: a place to experience the full range of emotions that only sports can deliver with other like-minded fans. We do have Community Guidelines at SB Nation that everyone abides by but there’s nothing in there that goes beyond basic human decency.

For those who want to take on an even more active role at this site, we’re going to be hiring in the next few weeks. Details will be spelled in separate posts later, but we do have flexibility within our budget to add PAID contributors to our staff.

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading and following along since I started contributing to this site way back in 2017 and I look forward to embarking on this next chapter of Blackhawks hockey along with everyone involved in the SCH community.

We have no idea if you’ll enjoy the outcomes, but we do hope you enjoy the broadcast content.