April 15th: Beard of the Day - Rip Van Winkle


Is anyone else feeling like the Hawks somehow got a first-round bye?  By the time the first game come around tomorrow I think some of us are going have beards half as long as good ol' Rip Van Winkle.  In case you don't remember, Rip decided to take a walk in the mountains to escape his nagging wife and comes across some weird dudes bowling and drinking.  He joins in, drinks some booze... then falls asleep for 20 years.  This is a far better excuse for a disappearance than the most recent time someone said they were going for a hike in the mountains to clear their mind.

Oh, and in case you didn't watch any of the games last night, you missed some quality games. Detroit couldn't hold on to either of their one goal leads and Phoenix was able to score three goals on the power play to take game 1. Five For Howling is going with a pretty badass white-out look right now on their site, lets just hope Travis wasn't one of those guys who actually painted their faces white... you're already white guys, there's no need to take it that far. Also, Colorado took game one from the Sharks by scoring in the final minute. No need to tell you all how funny it would be for the Lanche to upset the Sharks...

Defense and offense previews for the Preds coming later today... promise.