April 22nd - Beard Of The Day - George Carlin

Alright, the time for bullshit is over. And who better to cut through all the bullshit that has been the Hawks' play to this point than Uncle George? The stand-up to end all stand-ups, there's no bigger piece of evidence of how big a badass this guy was than that the FCC made a law out of his iconic "Seven Words You Can't Say On TV" bit. The man even hosted the first ever Saturday Night Live. Think about that. We here at the SCH Offices can only aspire to a mere fraction of his comic genius and incisive commentary, as well as his trademark beard, which went from dark and full during his days as the Hippy Dippy Weatherman, and remained affixed to his jawline in a wispy white form until he left us two years ago. If there's any man who can prompt the Hawks to get right to the fucking point, it's George Goddamn Carlin.