April 24th: Beard of the Day: The Man With No Name


via intimedia.kaywa.com

We could have just gone with Clint Eastwood here, but The Man With No Name (even though he's called "Joe" a few times) is one of the biggest badasses in all of movie history.  He represents everything you want in your western movie anti-hero... He's tough, angry, independent and will kill you seven times before you hit the ground.  Unlike some, he's not afraid to shoot first.. he's Han Solo before Han Solo... and before George Lucas kind of made him a pussy.

There's obviously not a lot of backstory when it comes to The Man With No Name.. but when he's pressed for information about where he's from.. all he answers with is "Illinois".

Just like the Man With No Name, the Hawks need to come out gritty, angry and of course, shooting.