Are You Happy Now, John?

Well, Mr. McDonough, your constant All-Star harping landed you three All-Star starters, two of which are hadly deserving.  Because of that, your two worthy all-stars, Keith and Sharp, will be sitting at home.  How do you think they feel?  They probably don't care, actually, they seem to have their priorities straight.  But because of the bevy of Hawks in the starting lineup, it was never likely to be that we would get more reserves, no matter how they've earned it.

The All-Star Game hasn't mattered in years, but as a Hawks fan, it would have been way more exciting to have three or four Hawks EARN their way on to the roster than just some phony ballot-stuffing ploy.  It's almost embarrassing, actually.  Just like the Cubs during the mid-summer classic.  Don't we have better things to do?  Aren't we better than this as fans?  Would you see Rangers fans doing this?  Just like you wouldn't see Yankees or Red Sox fans stooping to such silliness.

Then again, it's probably not the core hockey fans doing.  Whatever.  Still not cool.