This passing play from Artemi Panarin is simply ridiclous

He probably deserves the primary and secondary assists on this score.

We've seen Artemi Panarin and Patrick Kane come together for countless gorgeous plays this season. We've seen amazing passes from Panarin to Kane, and vice versa. This time around, Panarin decided to add a little flare to mix on his latest assist to Kane by passing off the boards to himself in order to enter the offensive zone.

That's just unfair. You could pretty much give Panarin the primary and secondary assists on this goal, which helped power the Hawks to a 5-2 win over the Canadiens on Sunday evening. I'd question why the Habs left the league's leading scorer wide open near the net but they probably weren't expecting Panarin to cross the blue line like that.

Chicago has now won 11 games in a row and the unstoppable production of the Kane-Panarin combo is a big part of that.