Ask Us Anything - Answers (Pt. 1)

Ok, let's just do it and see how it goes:

Ok now seriously, Realistically where do you see the 2012-2013 NHL season starting, if at all? - Kissymantha

I don't really base this on anything, but the gut tells me either the day before or after Thanksgiving. That's the first national television date, and they could still get in their 24/7 that way. Again, not based on anything. Just a hunch. I'm still hoping for Oct. 12th, though.

Why are toilet seats in public bathrooms shaped like a ‘C’ while toilet seats in private homes are shaped like an ‘O’? Universally true, I don’t understand why the difference. - Scott 13

I gave this one a lot of thought. I would think the difference is based on the dribble factor from guys, who would certainly let fly on the portion that completes the "o" and thus make it even worse to sit on later. With that part incomplete, you have your little drops on that actual toilet, and not on someone's uncomfortable behind later. Just a theory.

Santo, Edzo, Jordan as a baseball player, Savard as a coach, Cutler’s injury in the championship game, or Blues Brothers 2000. Which of those to the residents of Chicago love the most? - Chris "If I Fall Down I'm Ok" Gift of St. Louis Gametime

I see what you're doing here, you St. Louis heathen. But to throw Santo in here is a mistake. Even though I had no use for the man, he's beloved by everybody who doesn't have the last name Fels. Seeing as how that's everyone in Chicago minus three people, he wins in a landslide. A shot at Cutler really? Do you even know that St. Louis has a football team?

What's your favorite Blur album? - Raskolnikov9, or the least happy Boston resident

I was kind of always an Oasis guy in this feud, at least their first three albums. But Damian Albarn is the far superior musician, The Great Escape never disappoints.

If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the rest drown too? - Hwkfn83

I would assume they lose points if they don't.

How will the new zookeepers of SCH be chosen? -westy99

Already have been, and you'll hear about them soon. And they won a Running Man like gameshow. Oh I'm sorry, i can't say Running Man anymore. Hunger Games like gameshow.

Worst physical album you've ever purchased. - Chels Dog

Metallica's Black Album. Not only because of the album itself, but what it meant as far as a very, very important band and their demise.

Does this look swollen to you? -Forklift

Only your head.

Is there anything better in life than beer? - Johnny Lava

One being brought to you by a woman you love. Who is also naked.

Sam, on Twitter you seem to give the Cubs and Sox equal time...I hope this does not mean you are one of those weirdos who professes to "root for all Chicago teams". And if you are a fan of only one of the baseball teams, why are you watching/tweeting about the other? - Ben9599

Both I and Killion are passionate Cubs fans, while McClure is a Sox fan. However, I do not get into the whole Cubs-Sox rivalry thing. I don't root for the Sox or anything, but I watch them regularly and I guess I'd prefer that they lose, but I don't get in a twist about it. In fact, when the Cubs are in a rebuild like now I'm kind of appreciative that the Sox are providing interesting baseball to watch. I hate the Cardinals and Dodgers, who are actually in the Cubs league. That just makes more sense to me. And I love the A's in the American League, have done since the Giambi days.

What's the best road game you all have been to? - Carmelsown

Other than seeing Liverpool beat Sunderland at The Stadium of Light in 2002? My road record with all teams sucks outside of that. I guess our first St. Louis trip. The Hawks won 2-1 and it was the first time we were truly aware of the wonderful place this had become.

At what point does it change from possible shortened season to no season? Is there a date? Game limit? - John FG

The new year. If they haven't agreed by then, I'd say start getting ready for spring training.

Is it a rabbit or a duck?

- Lance Fister

Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Fire!

How long have you guys been doing this entire operation? (Assuming that the Committed Indian pre-dates this here website.

Do you guys use this as any means of an income or just as a hobby? I assume if the answer is no, that means you have full-time jobs away from this place.

How much work do you guys put into it on a weekly basis?

Do any of your have a sports journalism or other writing background? - DMelt36

Let's take this in order: 1. The publication and some form of a blog have been going for four seasons, this upcoming one will be our fifth.

2. It is my job, or the print publication is, and I view the blog as part of that job. McClure and Killion have real jobs. Well, Killion doesn't really. He works as a rep for a brewery which I'm not convinced I can mention by name here but you all know it anyway. He pretty much drinks for a living. McClure is an IT guy.

3. Enough to make it entertaining.

4. Ha, that's funny.

What effect will Michael Bush have on Matt Forte's fantasy value? - Cristobal The Cat

Not as much as you'd think. Forte was never really a touchdown guy, as strange as that sounds. He wasn't a very good goal line runner. He's never had more than 8 in a year. So he'll continue to get his long strike TD's and still be in the 6-8 range.

Ok, that's enough for now. Kills will be back later with more.