Atop The Sugar Pile - 2-23

This is what a winning streak Sugar Pile post looks like... I guess

The Terrifying Lows

40 Minutes of Hockey - How many times this year have we accused the Hawks of playing an incomplete game?  What's that?  Just about every game, you say?  Well at least their being consistent in their inconsistency, yes?  We saw on Friday night what can happen when you take your foot off the gas as Columbus put up three goddamn goals in the middle frame which sealed the game up pretty well for the BJs.  Sadly, even in the games the Hawks won.. they still generally had problems.  They allowed the Wild to tie the game late in the third before taking the lead, they did the same with the Pens and they almost let the game get out of control against the Blues before waking the fuck up in the second.  This has been a problem all year long.. and even stretched back to last year.  The Hawks have been lucky rather than good lately which doesn't matter much in the standings but can't be relied upon to carry them to the post season.

Special Teams - I actually thought the Power Play has looked pretty terrible but I guess they've gone 3 for 13 which is 23% and that still keeps them at 2nd overall.   Jesus christ.. how bad is everyone else that the Hawks are still second overall?  So I guess it isn't terrible afterall but it's been the kill that has been the cause of much heartache.  The Penguins were the only team to not dent twine this week with the man advantage.  The Hawks are still at the bottom of the league which is inexcusable since they were in the top three last season.  When the Hawks are giving up two goals to the Blue Jackets A solid penalty kill can carry you far in the playoffs and this one is full of holes.

Defensive Pairings - Seriously, What the fuck is going on here?  Do you think Q is flipping out during his bed rest because Haviland seems to just stick with whatever Q left him with?  "I would have changed these lines 15 times by now!!"

The Dizzying Highs

WE'RE GOING STREAKING!! - Ok sure, the Hawks shouldn't have had nearly as hard a time as they did against the Baby Pens... and they needed one of the more exciting come backs of the year to topple the Blues.. but still two games - four points.  It's been damn near a month since we could say that.  Taking a look back though, the Hawks have won 3 of the last 4 and have at least a point in 6 of the 7.  That's not bad, no?  Just more maddening that they can play what we'd generally consider some pretty shitty hockey and almost barely get by... if they could keep up their game we wouldn't be suffering these massive mood swings... if they had a time where they really dropped low maybe it'd shock them into action.. wait.. sorry.. these are supposed to be the highs.

Sharpie Joins Daydream Nation -  Kaner 5 points, Sharp 5 points, Toews 5 points... four games.  Yup.. that'll do.

The Creamy Middles

You Know What? - I'm going to put the power play in here.  I don't care if it is second overall.. it's still clown shoes.