Atop The Sugar Pile - 3/31

In the last installment of ATSP - Hack hoped that these last couple versions would be singing the praises of a rejuvenated Hawks as they stormed their way into the post-season and maybe even pushed for home ice advantage. Not so much, eh? Feel free to use this space as a scoreboard watch thread for tonight too.

The Terrifying Lows

The Fortune 500 - Win one, lose one, win one, lose one.  The road goes ever on for the Blackhawks and while they're at least managing some points, it forces them to rely on other teams fucking up (more on that later).  The Hawks had major momentum going for a while but have fallen back into a familiar trap.  A winning streak, even of just maybe three games, could be enough to cement their spot.. come the fuck on.
I Find Your Lack of Depth Disturbing - March 17th - Toews has 0 points and is -1, Hawks lose 0-5.   March 26th - Toews has 0 points and is -2, Hawks lose 1-2.  March 29th - Toews has 0 points and is -3, Hawks lose 0-3.  If anyone, absolutely anyone wants to step up and take a little pressure off the captain a bit or maybe step up on the rare occasions he can't... feel free.

The Creamy Middles

  • Getting By With A Little Help From Our Friends - Things aren't looking good for the Flames who lost last night to the Ducks (thanks a lot, dicks), they're three points behind the Hawks but only have 4 more games left in their season... wompwomp.   The Stars haven't done too well since their beatdown of the Hawks.  In fact, they haven't won a single game... though they have earned 3 points due to forcing games into extra time.  So the track the Hawks are on now MAY be good enough.  We may not see either team make it back in the top eight, meaning it's all jockeying for position.. but who wants to risk it.  Win some damn games.  
    A (sorta) Well Rested Crawford - He many not be getting a ton of time off but he's responding well.  In his last 5 games Crawford's worst Sv% was a solid .912 and that was the Boston game where he wasn't much to blame for the ones getting past him.  /

The Dizzying Highs

  • He's Marian Hossa and Yo... - Yeah, you know the rest. Hossa's play of late has been one of the few bright spots lately. He was riding a four game point streak coming into the Bruins game and has been a force in just about every area of the ice. He wants
  • Ryan Johnson - You lose part of your body and barely miss a shift, you get in this section. I think that's fair.
  • The Blues destroying the Wings - That was just kinda fun.. and hopefully filled their goal quota for the rest of the season.
  • Drinking With Friends - So there really isn't a ton to fill out the Dizzying High section this week. So come join us at The Bottom Lounge for Friday's game (1375 W. Lake). Good times and good beers will be had.