Atop The Sugar Pile - Circus Trip Edition

Due to the holiday (hope you all had a nice one), the circus trip and my general laziness.. we didn't get a sugar pile post last week. So we're looking back two weeks now before the victory in Vancouver for what's been going on in the Blackhawks world... join me, won't you?

The Dizzying Highs

  • The Unstoppable - At this point we might as well just make a permanent spot for the likes of one Jonathan Toews in the Dizzying Highs section. Toews has been reaching the level of the immortals in the past few games. He was held without points in the disappointing loss to San Jose and the abortion in Edmonton but in the 6 games of the circus trip the captain has put up an amazing 10 points including his career high 5 points in Anaheim. Just another moment of Toews putting this team on his back and forcing them to win. Toews now leads the West in points and goals.
  • Leaving California - Down 4-2 going into the third period in Anaheim didn't look good but it was quite the thrill to see the above mentioned Toews and Patrick Sharp kick some teeth in, wasn't it? I probably wasn't the only one nervous about a let down against LA to finish the trip but they escaped that too. I wouldn't call those two games "must win" but I certainly would say they were "things will be a hell of a lot easier if you just fucking win". Thankfully they didn't disappoint.

The Terrifying Lows

  • That Edmonton game - Now referred to as "the game which shall not be mentioned".  What the fuck happened there?
  • Riding The Pine - Being offered a seat so Scott can suit up must be a pain in the ass for other defensemen.. but being scratched so he can play forward in front of you?  That's really gotta sting.  Hope that message was received loud and clear.
  • WGN Broadcasts - It's bad enough to have to sit through the last 5 minutes of Gossip Girl or some other shit rather than a preview but their third period coverage was avant garde at best in the LA games.  Though they mentioned on Twitter today they have a surprise in store for Saturday's game.  How about just getting through a game first, ok boys?  Also - a 14 year old evidently writes for their twitter account.  /

The Creamy Middles

  • Corey Crawford - Brilliant in the Vancouver and LA games.. not so much in some of the others. Crow is certainly fighting it from time to time lately. He's still capable of putting together something great but he hasn't exactly stolen a game for us in recent memory. Not that he has to or that it has been his fault in the games the Hawks have lost.... I'm just sayin' it'd be nice to have a game where he bails the team out on their off nights.
  • Rattlehead - Creating chances, getting in to position and utilizing his speed.. but still not quite there. The biffed 2-0 aside - Viktor Stalberg has been showing plenty of potential and has 5 points in the 6 games.

ALSO - this is a bit of a "last call" for Nashville tickets.  We only have a few left from our initial purchase of group seats.  The game is Jan 21st and it will be a hell of a time full of beer, bbq, honky-tonk and even a little bit of hockey.  Email me if you'd like to get in on it -