Back to Business

Now that we've all re-hydrated enough to at least see a little clearer today, there are some practical matters that need to be tended to. First, as you may have noticed there were no links today, and the reasoning for that is two-fold. Obviously, the season is over, and there's a lot less Hawk-centric things going on, aside from Jonathan Toews receiving his first Selke Trophy nomination. Additionally, Hack had already planned a much deserved vacation well prior to a Game 7 even being a possibility. We'll handle link digests every few days or so periodically, and use full posts as events warrant from here on out.

In addition to those, we'll also be posting player evaluations for the Hawks for this season, something we didn't really get around to last year for reasons I think everyone finds understandable. We'll be starting with those tomorrow during the weekdays, and getting through the roster should take us right up until the Finals. We'll also have periodic out-of-town threads for those subjecting themselves to the teams still involved in the playoffs.

And maybe, just maybe, we'll record a season-ending Live From The Five Hole, but only if you promise to listen. I hope this gives everyone a pretty clear idea of what's coming up around these parts.