Beard of the Day - 4/11 - Doctor Krieger



Although the playoffs start today, the Blackhawks are still resting. I know you'll all be watching the games (how could you not want to see this Pens/Flyers matchup) but you don't have to be fully invested in the games. So why not work on some side projects to help kill the time til tomorrow?

And who could better than the head of ISIS applied Research Department, Doctor Krieger, to provide some inspiration for fun side projects? Maybe you could make a half-human/half-pig creation (a half-human/half-goat creation is also acceptable). Maybe you could build Fort Kickass. There's always an option of programing your own hologram girlfriend or you could get into something... darker. Don't bother trying to learn the drum part for Rush's "YYZ"... excuse me "YYZed"... it's impossible. Let's not forget that Krieger is also an accomplished diver and not a serial killer.. wait, why did he emphasis "serial"