Beard of the Day - 4/22 - Travis Morrison


It should be no secret to astute observers of this little meaningless corner of the interwebs that this author is a huge fan of the band The Dismemberment Plan (which is one of, if not THE only band that is the exception to the rule of rock that no band with "Plan" or "Theory" in their name can possibly be un-lame). So when they reunited this past year, it brought me not only immense joy to finally see them live (as I got into them just prior to their initial break-up), but also that lead singer Travis Morrison emerged from seclusion sporting a very full and proud beard and that I'd have an opportunity to present him in this very manner. Furthermore, the lyrics to one of my favorite cuts of theirs seem especially appropriate given the situation Hawks now find themselves in against the Canucks.

dismemberment plan - metro, chicago, il - 2.20.11 - time bomb (via deadlystiletto)