Black Friday Is The End, Winter It Will Send: Hawks at Ducks Preview/Gamethread/Gift Return

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GAMETIME: 3pm Central
TV/RADIO: WGN for both
CAN ANYONE UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS DUCK IS SAYING?: Anaheim Calling, Battle of California

And now to the denouement of the Circus Trip.  And the Hawks have basically left it all to do this weekend, needing a minimum of three of four points on offer to have anything close to a claim of a successful trip.  Thankfully, that is achievable.  The Hawks were able to market correct Anaheim's six-game winning streak two weeks ago on the West Side, and the Ducks haven't won since.  Hopefully, they won't be the market correctors on the other side of the equation as well.  Tomorrow night they'll catch the Kings on the first game back home after a long road trip, which is usually a pretty tricky affair for said returnees.

As I said, aside from the Kabuki Theater piece that is Nick Boynton and whatever it is parading around as Dave Bolland these days, I didn't think the Hawks were bad on Wednesday at The Tank. Their special teams obviously need some help, but they'll get there. Anything resembling that effort should result in good things today in Orange County. Haven't seen anything about which goalie gets the nod, but the gut here says it'll be Crawford. Oh, and if you get a 5-on-3, move the fucking thing quicker and Keith and Sharp need to switch points!

As for the Mallards, they have lost five in a row, including getting clubbed at home last out by Edmonton (it happens to other people?). That game also included Cory Perry giving the entire hockey world a chubby by scoring into his own open net. Really the best happening in hockey in years. Teemu Selanne is unlikely to be around to annoy us today as he's nursing his own groin, taking time out from massaging Saku Koivu's as is usually the custom. The Ducks have been shuffling the roster around with some changes and some new faces may be in the lineup today. However, with Selanne out this is basically a one line team, but sadly it's a hell of a line. Perry lit us up last time -- well, he lit up Duncan Keith Brown and Hammer who rolled out the red carpet for him. If the Hawks can keep Getzlaf, Perry, and Ryan from going off, then they're really going to have to find a way to not win here.

If Nick Boynton is in the lineup I'll shit.  The Hawks must know that they have to get going RIGHT NOW, and hopefully play like it.  Due to the afternoon start and holiday, I'm not going to open up individual period threads, so this is your game thread.


Oh, ok, I'll put up period threads, just because we have so much fun with the lyrics.