No more HBO 24/7, Blackhawks won't be featured for 2015 Winter Classic

Of all the years for HBO and the NHL to cancel their series, right?

Some disappointing news Thursday as the NHL and HBO are reportedly done producing the annual 24/7 series that would've featured the Blackhawks and Capitals this year. While the show wasn't a raging success, seeing an "uncensored" look at the team would've been entertaining to say the least.

Unfortunately, the series is done after three editions. Greg Brady of Fan 590 in Toronto says it's possible NHL does something with NHL Network, but the relationship with HBO appears to be all but finished but the time being. That's particularly disappointing because, as much as I like what NHL Network does, it was apparent that HBO's independence allowed it to do some things that we likely won't see in an internally produced documentary series.

Anyways, that means only the Caps-Penguins (2011), Rangers-Flyers (2012) and Maple Leafs-Red Wings (2014) have ever been covered for 24/7.

We'll just have to find some other way to hear Coach Q go on terribly profane rants, I suppose.