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Morning Bag Skate: Quenneville’s player usage and weirdness in San Jose

The weekend is nearly here, but the ongoing “The Simpsons” marathon should be able to keep you entertained. Or maybe you have a social life or something. Anyways, NHL news!

**An interesting piece from former SCH writer Jen LC on Joel Quenneville and player usage (The Committed Indian)

**The advanced stats movement continues with the Flyers hiring a manager of hockey analytics (Broad Street Hockey)

**Connor McDavid on playing in Buffalo: “Yeah, that’s something that’s crossed your mind, I guess.” WHOA THERE RELAX BUDDY (Buffalo Times Herald)

**Evander Kane wants to make the playoffs because he’s competitive like, y’know, a professional athlete (The Score)

**Jean-Sebastian Giguere officially retired on Thursday (Avalanche)

**Of all the places in this humungous big universe, Minnesota is where Ilya Bryzgalov wants to be next season (Pro Hockey Talk)

**The Sharks apparently didn’t tell Joe Thornton he’s no longer their captain, which seems like an imperfect way of going about that (Pro Hockey Talk)

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