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Blackhawks Podcasts

Find all of your Second City Hockey Blackhawks podcasts here: Puckin' Right Chicago, The SCH Podcast and The Friday Show.

Musings on Madison, Episode 89 — Reviewing Blackhawks Forwards and Looking Ahead to the Draft

This week, the crew discusses the outcome of the draft lottery and reviews the forward group’s performance during the 2021-22 season.

Musings on Madison, Episode 88 — Another playoff-less Blackhawks season ends

The misery that was the 2021-22 Blackhawks season has finally come to a merciful end.

Musings on Madison, Episode 87 — Nearing the end of a long, long Blackhawks season

The crew gathers for some in-game discussion, among a slew of other hockey-related topics.

Musings on Madison, Episode 86 — Farewell, Pat Foley

This week, the crew shares memories of Pat Foley, dives into some player discussion and tackles a heap of food takes.

Musings on Madison, Episode 85 - The Centerpiece for the Blackhawks’ Rebuild?

This week, the crew discusses the building a team around their current top line, some prospect talk and Marian Hossa memories.

Musings on Madison, Episode 84 - Times Like These

This week the crew opens with some somber music news and then turns its attention the recent roller-coaster ride of Blackhawks hockey.

Musings on Madison, Episode 83 - Analyzing the Blackhawks trade deadline moves

The crew recaps a busy week of acquisitions ahead of this year’s trade deadline.

Musings on Madison, Episode 82 — Blackhawks Trade Deadline Preview

This week, the crew discusses the upcoming NHL trade deadline, what moves could be looming in the Blackhawks future and some fast food takes.

Pat Foley appears on ‘Tell Me a Story I Don’t Know’ podcast

The Blackhawks’ legendary broadcaster was the guest for part one of a two-part series.

Musings on Madison, Episode 81 - Blackhawks to hire Kyle Davidson as GM

This week, the crew gives thoughts on Kyle Davidson being named the new Blackhawks GM as well as a generational food take.

Musings on Madison, Episode 80 - Brandon Hagel trade rumors, Winter Olympics

This week the crew discusses the upcoming trade deadline and gives a hot food take.

Musings on Madison, Episode 79 - Reactions to Blackhawks’ Town Hall meeting

This week the crew reacts to the Blackhawks Town Hall and gives thoughts on the GM search.

Musings on Madison, Episode 78: A way-too-early look at the trade deadline

This week the crew talks possible trade deadline outcomes, draft success and highly debatable food takes.

Musings on Madison, Episode 77 — Exploring the Blackhawks’ road(s) ahead

This week the crew speaks on what the future could look like for the Hawks and recaps the last week of games

Musings on Madison, Episode 76 - The Arrival of Lukas Reichel

This week the crew discusses the recent call-up of Lukas Reichel, the current state of the Hawks and adds some food commentary.

Musings on Madison, Episode 75 - New Year, New Blackhawks?

The crew discusses the Hawks recent losing streek, roster moves and the development of Kirby Dach. Plus some food talk, per usual.

Musings on Madison, Episode 74 - Overtime Outcomes and Pandemic Protocols

The crew discusses the Hawks recent string of overtime games as well as concerns of COVID-19 affects on the rest of the NHL season.

Musings on Madison, Episode 73 - Live from Madison Street

The crew records an episode live during the third period of Wednesday’s game against the Capitals, gives thoughts on the team’s current state of affairs and explores some holiday drink takes!

Musings on Madison, Episode 72: Can the Blackhawks sustain success with their current strategy? 

The crew discusses the Hawks current strategy, recent events and holiday desserts!

Musings on Madison, Episode 71 - What’s wrong with the Blackhawks offense?

The crew talks about the Hawks offensive struggles, the analytics vs. eye test debate and holiday menu items.

Musings on Madison, Episode 70 - Blackhawks November Road Trip and Prospect Talk

The crew gives thoughts on the Blackhawks upcoming road trip as well as the team’s prospect pipeline.

Musings on Madison, Episode 69 - New Coach, New Era, New Results

This week, the SCH team dishes on the new interim head coach, Derek King and what the future may hold for the Hawks.

Musings on Madison, Episode 68 - More Blackhawks Struggles

This week, the crew discusses the Hawks 1-8-2 start and what could be in store for the team’s future.

Musings on Madison, Episode 67 - Stan Bowman out of a job as internal investigation goes public

An emergency podcast episode for Tuesday's news.

Musings on Madison, Episode 66 - Blackhawks move from bad to worse

This week, the crew airs a long list of grievances as Chicago’s awful start to the season continued.

Musings on Madison, Episode 65 - Discussing the Blackhawks’ miserable 0-3-1 start

The crew discusses the Hawks’ tough opening stretch of the season and what it means going forward.

SCH Podcast: Musings on Madison, Episode 64 - Blackhawks 2021-22 Season Preview

The crew discusses the upcoming season and makes some predictions for the Hawks in ‘21-22.

SCH Podcast: Evan F. Moore, co-author of “Game Misconduct, Hockey’s Toxic Culture and How to Fix It”

The book will be available everywhere on Tuesday, Oct. 12.

SCH Podcast: Musings on Madison, Episode 63 - Blackhawks Preseason Progress

This week, the crew dishes on the Hawks preseason and expectations for the upcoming season.

SCH Podcast: Musings on Madison, Episode 62 - Blackhawks Training Camp Talk

The crew dishes on training camp thoughts and expectations for the season, then offers a food take.

SCH Podcast: Jack (aka JFreshHockey), and a wide-ranging discussion on hockey analytics

The eye test versus analytics debate and a slew of other topics came up during the conversation.

SCH Podcast: Sam Fels, and a discussion on why we care about sports

With the offseason still upon us, we brought back our "Friday Show" series for more in-depth discussions about the sports world.