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Blackhawks Recaps

Recaps from all Blackhawks games: Summary of each period, highlights, three stars and what's next on the schedule.

You Treat Me Like A Stranger and That Feels So Rough: Oilers 5, Blackhawks 2

Well, a loss was bound to happen eventually — the Blackhawks just didn’t have to look so horrible during it.

Smells Like Teen Spirit: Blackhawks 4, Kraken 2

The Blackhawks kept the winning streak going with a 4-2 victory over the NHL’s newest team.

We Just Keep Dancing Like We’re 22: Blackhawks 2, Coyotes 1

Chicago wins its third straight and there seems to be some wind in the team’s sails.

Baby, Let the Games Begin : Blackhawks 3, Penguins 2

Chicago has its first win streak of the season.

Ain’t it Fun: Blackhawks 2, Predators 1

The Blackhawks are now 1-0-0 with Derek King behind the bench.

The Time Has Come and It’s Going Nowhere: Jets 5, Blackhawks 1

The Blackhawks season is spinning ‘round and ‘round out of control after yet another embarrassing loss.

Dancing for Rain: Hurricanes 4, Blackhawks 3

Another two-goal lead went to waste against the Hurricanes.

Your New Aesthetic: Blackhawks 5, Senators 1

The Blackhawks finally captured their first win of the season.

The Art of Losing: Blues 1, Blackhawks 0

The Blackhawks kept it close but failed to capture their first victory, losing in a nail-biter.

Another Love Grows Cold: Hurricanes 6, Blackhawks 3

Eight games. Zero wins. Feels like we’re askin’ for a miracle at this point for the season to turn around.

Tired of Gettin’ Nowhere: Maple Leafs 3, Blackhawks 2

The Blackhawks finally got that lead but blew it as the Maple Leafs came back for an OT win.

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: Red Wings 6, Blackhawks 3

The Blackhawks now have the longest streak of time without a lead to start a season in NHL history — and it’s still going.

This Disaster: Canucks 4, Blackhawks 1

The Blackhawks failed — again — to capture their first victory of the season.

Go To Sleep: Islanders 4, Blackhawks 1

The Blackhawks aren’t really good at this hockey thing yet, are they?

Mad World: Penguins 5, Blackhawks 2

The spiral continued Saturday night as the Blackhawks lose yet another game after a disappointing start.

Understanding in a Car Crash: Devils 4, Hawks 3

A late Blackhawks flurry forced overtime but it wasn’t enough to pick up the win.

How to Save a Life: Avalanche 4, Blackhawks 2


Show Me What You Got: Blackhawks 5, Wild 1

The Blackhawks pull off a convincing win over the Wild for their final preseason game.

Makes No Sense At All: Wild 3, Blackhawks 2

The Hawks forced overtime but ultimately lost to the Wild in Thursday night’s preseason bout.

Bells Chime: Blackhawks 6, Red Wings 4

The kids are alright (still) as they propel the Blackhawks to victory.

We’re All Just A Work in Progress: Blues 6, Blackhawks 3

The Blackhawks go down 0-2 in the preseason after losing to the Blues Friday night.

Key to the City: Red Wings 4, Blackhawks 3 (OT)

Detroit wins as Chicago captain Jonathan Toews plays his first hockey game in over a year.

Stars Stole the Night Away: Stars 5, Blackhawks 4

The Blackhawks ended the season on a low note, but Collin Delia played a hell of a game.

I Want It That Way: Blackhawks 4, Stars 2

Chicago delivered on my one desire: a Blackhawks’ victory Sunday night.

Stop Being Sad and Be Awesome Instead: Blackhawks 2, Hurricanes 1

The Blackhawks snatch victory from the Hurricanes in overtime to snap losing streak.

And Still I Wander South: Hurricanes 6, Blackhawks 3

After a hot start, the Hawks failed to close out Tuesdays match-up with the Hurricanes.

They’ll Be Better Days: Hurricanes 5. Blackhawks 2

Hey, at least Collin Delia was good.

Mediocrity Gets You Pears: Panthers 5, Blackhawks 4

Chicago did that thing where they gave up a goal late in the second period and then early in the third. It’s not a good strategy.

I Place Things in Locations Which Later Elude Me: Panthers 4, Blackhawks 3

Blackhawks show some fight and get a point but ultimately lose their fourth game in their last five.

The Cold Rain of the Coming Storm: Lightning 7, Blackhawks 4

The Blackhawks played poorly against the Lightning as they fell to 1-6-1 against Tampa Bay this season.

In Summary of What I Am: Predators 3, Blackhawks 1

The Blackhawks were unable to fend off the Predators in a must-win game on Friday.

End Up Dreaming Instead of Sleeping: Blackhawks 5, Predators 4

The Blackhawks overcame a 4-1 lead to win in overtime and keep playoff hopes alive