Blackhawks Schlect Schmaltz

Stan Bowman trades up to get center Nick Schmaltz.

"Hey bartender, how about an ice cold Schmaltz on draft?!"

Stan Bowman is a big fan of Nick Schmaltz. So much so that he swapped first and third round picks with the San Jose Sharks to move up to get him. Maybe he thought the St. Louis Blues wanted him at 21 since they already have is brother Jordan in their system. Can't wait to see how confused Pat Foley gets when Jaden Schwartz and Jordan Schmaltz are in the same lineup.

So who is Nick Schmaltz? He's another small center, 5'11/172 lbs, who also played some wing. He is a product of the Chicago Mission program. The Madison, WI native is known for his puck handling skills and his offensive creativity. He has great skating ability and has just as deadly as a playmaker and a goal scorer. Sound familiar? The scouts say he has great vision and can play well in his own end too.

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