Blackhawks To Face Capitals in 2015 Winter Classic

The Chicago Blackhawks will travel to the nation's capital for a New Year's Day date with the Washington Capitals.

Uncle Bob clues us in that the Chicago Blackhawks will have a January 1st date with the Washington Capitals in the 2015 Winter Classic. The game doesn't have a location yet, though it is rumored to be the highly praised Nationals Park.

It's no surprise that the NHL is going back to the well to try to fish out the ratings. They burned through its rivalries pretty quickly (sorry west coasters), and they don't want to start recycling matchups. Personally I thought it would be Philly, but I guess Flyers/Capitals doesn't have the same pizzazz as the most visible franchise in the last five years.

When you boil it down, this is a regular season game against an Eastern conference opponent. But it will bring excitement through the late December slog. There will be specially designed or throwback sweaters for both squads. Early hopes are some throwback reds for the Blackhawks and those sharp 90s blue sweaters for the Caps.

You will also need to get yourself HBO or an HBOGo login as the Blackhawks will be featured on the 24/7 leading up to the game. The Liev Schreiber narrated reality show follows the teams in weeks leading up to the outdoor match up. It's been praised for its access and production quality. It's always great fun to look into the players and coaches world and twice as much when it's your own squad. Watch as they charmingly play Mario Kart in a hotel conference room.