The latest 'What's Your Goal' video featuring Duncan Keith and a young fan is amazing

Our apologies for making you cry so early in the morning.

We already loved the Blackhawks' "What's Your Goal" campaign, but the most recent video featuring Duncan Keith and Cammy, a young fan, is an amazing entry. I wasn't planning on tearing up before work this morning. Cammy, who was born without the ability to walk or speak because of Rett syndrome, got the chance to learn how to skate -- for the very first time -- with her favorite player. This stuff, more than the wins, the highlights, any of that, is why sports are amazing.

If you're interested in contributing to Cammy's cause and supporting research for Rett syndrome, here's information on a special event being held to raise money. You can always straight up donate, too! Gonna be hard not to after watching this.