Blackhawks vs. Flyers final score: Chicago loses, 3-1, in matinee action

Following a goalie shakeup in the morning, the Blackhawks lost, 3-1, in Philadelphia.

A rough stretch in the second period cost the Chicago Blackhawks in a 3-1 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers on Saturday afternoon. Artemi Panarin scored the lone goal for the Blackhawks, who led 1-0 until a brutal sequence that saw Philadelphia score three times in a matter of minutes.

Chicago tried to rally from there, and may have gotten screwed out of a goal late in the second period (more on that below), but the score never changed. In the end, the most interesting part of this contest was 23-year-old Eric Semborski serving as the Blackhawks’ emergency backup goaltender due to Corey Crawford’s unexpected appendectomy.

Turning point

Things were going okay for the Blackhawks until a disastrous stretch in the second period. Things started when Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov launched a pair of goals past Scott Darling in just 31 seconds to give Philadelphia a 2-1 lead. Just minutes after that, the Flyers got a 3-on-2 rush against Trevor van Riemsdyk and Michal Kempny that ended with another score. Suddenly a 1-0 lead was a 3-1 deficit, and the Hawks didn’t get the goals to come back from that.

SCH Three stars

1. Ivan Provorov, Flyers (2 goals, 4 shots on goal)

2. Artemi Panarin, Blackhawks (1 goal, 3 shots on goal)

3. Eric Semborski, Blackhawks (Can you give a star to someone who didn’t play? Don’t care, I’m doing it)

Play of the game

This isn’t a grand highlight, but a play that’s worth explaining. The Blackhawks seemed to score a goal late in the second period where Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov was swattng at the puck as it crossed the line. The referees called no goal on the ice, though, and the play went to replay to determine a final ruling.

Based on the view above, you might think the call should’ve been overturned and ruled a goal, but the video was determined to be inconclusive and the call on the ice stood. That’s probably because of the parallax effect, which obscures the exact time that the puck crosses the line because the camera isn’t located perfectly above the goal line.

Sportsnet provided an explanation last year as to how the parallax effect can make plays seem like obvious goals even if the reality isn’t quite as simple. Most likely, this visual phenomena is part of what caused the referees to stick with the call on the ice.

Additionally, some readers suggested it should’ve been a penalty on Provorov for covering the puck with his hand. That is illegal in the NHL, but the replay wasn’t definitive in showing that Provorov was covering the puck versus just swatting at it. Most likely, these are reasons the NHL stuck with the no goal call.



Kempny-van Riemsdyk

What’s next?

The Blackhawks stay busy with the second leg of a back-to-back at home against the Jets on Saturday. Winnipeg crushed Chicago, 4-0, in their first meeting this season, so the Hawks will definitely be angling to avenge that defeat, even with Corey Crawford still sidelined.