Brent Seabrook scores in 1st game after being healthy scratched

The veteran defenseman scores his first goal since opening night.

There was a LOT of discussion on social media about head coach Joel Quenneville’s decision to make Brent Seabrook a healthy scratch in last night’s game in Ottawa. The veteran defenseman had played in every game so far this season, and had only managed to tally just one goal and only ten assists in the 2017-18 campaign.

That was a low point for the defenseman. In the first period against the Wild came a high point, less than 24 hours later:

That’s right. Seabrook’s first game back in the lineup has already yielded his first goal since opening night. In the first period against the Minnesota Wild, Seabrook banked home a loose puck in the goal crease to put the Chicago Blackhawks ahead 1-0. Even though it’s just the second goal of the season, the goal might be the biggest of the season for not just Seabrook, but the Blackhawks as well.

As the team looks to push for a playoff spot in the second half of the season, moments like this from its core players are going to hopefully help fuel this team towards yet another run at the Stanley Cup.