Breath, Blood, or Urine? - Hawks 2, Ducks 2 (Hawks win at Tecmo Bowl)

Clearly there's a direct correlation to working super duper extra hard on the shootout and coming away with the victory tonight right? Right. Other than the Hawk parade to the penalty box, things went pretty much as expected tonight, complete with the obligatory infuriating Selanne goal. But fortunately the Hawks were able to get up off of that thing and get a marker in the win column, and with Scum stepping in it in Columbus (the "No Wiz, No Wins Theory" in full effect!), the Men of Four Feathers now find themselves however temporarily in sole ownership of first in the Central. Here comes a big bucket of steamed bullets.


  • Brent Seabrook was a force tonight, leading all Hawks in ice time with 29 minutes and 7 hits, seeing most of his time against the RPG line. It seemed like any time the puck went into Seabs' corner, he was there waiting with a shoulder and a pass out of harm's way.
  • Patrick Kane provided the "freak the fuck off" game we all thought was coming on Saturday after going the last three tilts pointless. Both assists he had were passes pretty much only he could make, even if the Spin-O-Rama-pass thing to Hossa was unintentional, but he'll never admit it. Kaner did dick the dog though on Selanne's goal, as the pass he threw Dunc at the blue line was just waiting to get picked of and/or get Keith buried, and he gave his best Roger Dorn Ole Bullshit wave as Selanne's corpse did the Thriller dance through the zone on his way to a goal. But since it's a win, let's not talk about that and just bask in the excellence of that pass to Hossa again, shall we?
  • It might be time for OD to have a seat and let Lepisto get night on one of these back to backs later in the week, but Dusty Quenneville is loath to sit vets. While he did have a dish on the Hossa marker, he looked woefully slow at times, particularly on Getzlaf's opener on the power play, which was naturally converted after Dave Bolland took a retaliatory penalty 150 feet away from his net. The PK was nails the rest of the way, though, including the iffy call on Hossa to end regulation.
  • Buried in all of the Kane and shootout theatrics was actually another fantastic goalie duel between Corey Crawford and Jonas Hiller. Hiller made breakaway stops on Hossa and Frolik, after a criminal move at the blue line. Crow once again held his ground, and did a particularly nice job of absorbing shots and halting the play in the late going.
  • Bruno took a shift with the fourth line. He's becoming a liability 5 on 5 with teams that can move.
  • What is Nick Leddy doing on a penalty kill?
  • The power play is still fucking clown shoes.
  • Every Hawk was in the black in Corsi except Kruger, who was dead even.
  • Nice to see Q get serious about getting a point for at least a shift when he had Keith and Seabrook out together with about 5 minutes left to go.
  • I think Marian Hossa just hit another post.

    Player of the Game
    Tough to deny Slim Shady this honor with those two dishes and the shootout clincher.