Brent Seabrook : Chicago's Hit Man

A look at one of the most underrated hit men in the league, Brent Seabrook.

If you have spent any time playing NHL14, from EA Sports, you have experienced the "spirit of the big hit."  Big hits are a staple of the NHL and gets the fans into the game.  Everybody loves to see one of their players get the hard hit on the opponent's star player.

As a stat, I think hits are completely overrated because they are subjective and they don't determine the outcome of a game. Sure, a big hit can change the course of a game but out hitting your opponent doesn't mean you win games. How many times to we have to listen to Pat and Eddie talk about how the Blackhawks are getting out hit, while they are leading on the scoreboard. Of course the Hawks get out hit a lot, they are a puck possession team and the more you have the puck the more likely you are to get hit. Some people love the hits category on the stat sheet, but I am not one of those.

When you think of the big hitters in today's NHL names like Cal Clutterbuck, Niklas Kornwall, Dustin Brown or Matt Martin. You surely don't think of anyone on the Blackhawks but Brent Seabrook has done his fair share of hitting in his career. Since arriving in Chicago in 2005, Biscuit has served up 1344 hits in 778 career games.

Season Hits Games Played
2005/06 62 69
2006/07 146 81
2007/08 167 82
2008/09 224 82
2009/10 208 78
2010/11 227 82
2011/12 198 78
2013 106 47
2013/14 6 2

Even though Seabrook has only led the Hawks in hits once, in 2011-12, he is always one of the biggest physical presences on the ice for them.  Biscuit will never be mentioned with the top hitters of the game, but you can bet that opposing players are always aware when number 7 is on the ice.