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Brian Campbell Likely Out For Remainder Of Regular Season

Last year, before the goalie debate was all the rage, the big issue of the year had to be between those who hated Brian Campbell and those who kinda sorta liked him. This year we’ve all pretty much liked what we’ve seen from our Ginger Blackhawk though… there’s the remaining faction who hold fast to their belief that he sucks though. And now we get to see what this team will look like without him.

Ovechkin’s hit crashed Soupy into the boards behind the net and in the process, broke his collarbone. He’ll likely miss the regular season and could miss some significant time in the post-season too. The Hawks power play will certainly suffer in the meantime (if that’s possible) but the real problem we’re going to see is the transition game for the Blackhawks. As Sam noted in the game recap – the Hawks absolutely need a defenseman that can get the play going towards the opponents net – and Campbell is that guy. Expect Kim Johnsson to log some bigger minutes now that Campbell is gone for a while.

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