Brian Campbell’s got jokes in this week’s Soup and a Sandwich

At least, until Artemi Panarin steals one. Then...

Wednesdays are so much better now that we have Soup and a Sandwich, wouldn’t you agree? And the Chicago Blackhawks didn’t disappoint with their third episode of the series.

I have a couple of questions. Number one, why is this so hilarious?? I’m chalking it up to the amazing chemistry Artemi Panarin and Brian Campbell have.

Number two, did they film these all at once, or do they get Campbell and Panarin in the same sweaters each week? I suppose we’ll just have to watch the cut on Panarin’s nose in closeups and see if it heals over time.

Number three, is this series finite? Please say no. Now that I have Soup and a Sandwich I don’t know how I ever survived Wednesdays without it.

Seriously, I love the new side of the players we’re seeing. Campbell has jokes! And is very creepy! And Panarin might be in a hostage situation and need help - but at least he’s got funny jokes in the meantime. (When he laughs, you just feel like everything’s going to be okay after all.)