Bryan Bickell Has Wrist Surgery - Out Three Weeks

Somewhat surprising news today - Bryan Bickell underwent surgery on his wrist this morning and will be out at least three weeks. According to the reports, Bickell had two damaged tendons that may have been related to a cut he suffered earlier in the series.

So this means several things for Game 7. First of all, he'll obviously have to be replaced in the lineup. I haven't heard any word on Kopecky lately other than that he made the trip to Vancouver. If he's even moderately close to returning, it's likely we'll see him in the line up. Of course, this also means that all of us hoping to see the return of John Scott to the press box may not get our wish. If Scott makes the team because of "size" before, then the absence of a 6'4" 220lb Bickell likely means Q or whoever else is making these decisions will put him back into the lineup. It was Bickell that sat (possibly due to the cut) when Scott was put into the lineup in Game 3. Ufortunately, I can't imagine Bicks will be replaced by anyone else.

This also means the Canucks have lost one of their likely targets for retaliation. Bickell crushed world-renown asshat Kevin Bieksa in the thunderdome in Game 6... not drawing a penalty but plenty of ire. Bicks could have been a big distraction for the Canucks so his loss may have a few unfortunate consequences. Time will tell..