Burish Out For Six Months, Committed Indian Writers Hang Themselves

Actually, we'll probably still do all the jokes we had planned, and can do a Burish at rehab thing too. But whatever. Sad news in that he's such a good guy, but Adam Burish will be out six months after tearing his ACL. We wish Adam the best, and it says here he probably makes it back quicker than the prognosis says. That kind of dude.

What does it mean for the Hawks?  Honestly, probably not much.  An injury to a fourth-liner really shouldn't mean life or death to your season.  This means that Kopecky is almost certainly your 4th line center now.  Eager was always going to be one wing, and you'd have to imagine if Skille keeps up his play, he'll get first shot over Brouwer.  Dowell and Fraser are both centers, so if they wanted to move Kopecky to wing one of them will stick.  Actually, this clears up the logjam a little bit.  Again, sad for Burr, but hardly fatal for the Hawks.