Calling Captain Marvel

I have been a part of this blog for two seasons now, and was a frequent commenter on the 300 Level and Blackhawkzone before that.  This will be the first time I mention anything like this, and I'm sort of in shock that I would even consider writing something like it, but I think it needs to be said.  The Hawks are clearly lacking something right now, though I agree with my compatriot McClure that it's not panic time, just concern time.  But the Hawks needs a spur on their ass.  What they need is their captain to be the captain again.

That's not to say Toews has been bad since the Olympics.  He's got 10 points in 14 games.  But he hasn't been all that noticeable.  It's no insult to say the Hawks go as Captain Marvel goes.  When he returned from his concussion is when the Hawks played their most dominant hockey, with Toews leading the way in full out "fuck you that's mine" mode.  Christ, even Team Canada went as Toews went.  Is he tired?  If so, then give him one of these weeks off.  One of the more infuriating things about Coach Q is his apparent inability to see the big picture.  The Cup is more important than the #1 (or even #2) seed.  If Toews, and Kane, need some time, give it to them.  We'll all be better off.  If not, then Toews needs to start dominating games again.  I doubt Toews has done much talking in the dressing room, probably because he knows his play hasn't been up to his usual very high standards.  So he needs to do the talking on the ice.  If that happens, you just watch the rest of the team follow suit.

-How Kris Versteeg could say there was nothing wrong with the effort last night is beyond me. Oh wait, he's a moron.

-Versteeg should have watched Marian Hossa kill off half a penalty by himself in the 3rd last night and figure out that's what effort looks like.

-Despite it all, I thought Dave Bolland had one of his better games last night.

-I don't know why I take it upon myself to be the eternal optimist, those of you who have met me know that's hardly the case. But I will point out that a year ago today the Canucks stomped the ever loving shit out of us in the United Center, the second to last game of a pretty putrid 6-7-2 March. Rest of that season worked out okay, as the Hawks went 6-0-1 in April. It's not guaranteed to happen, but we have seen this movie before.