Case Of The Mondays

Or maybe it's just a case of it's too damn hot outside and it just happens to be Monday. Probably that. I don't do well in the heat. Anyway, we eagerly await something happening this week, because it feels like it will. The draft is Friday, there are always moves on that night and before, as well as some free agent rights getting shipped around when said free agent responds to current club's contract offer by tracing his middle finger on a piece of paper and emailing it back (I only assume the fax is something that is not used any more, because why would it be?) But until that stuff starts to break, we'll just have to deal with some bits and bobs here and there.

-The Hawks re-signed three players who, if things go well, probably won't see a minute of NHL time this year. But they all probably will.

Brandon Bollig


Ben Smith

, and

Carter Hutton

were all re-upped. Smith is the only one who has any shot at being somewhat useful, though I can only foresee him getting NHL minutes like he did last year, and that's when injuries hit and he has to fill in. Especially coming off a serious hip injury which would affect his mobility, which wasn't breathtaking to begin with. My thoughts on Brandon Bollig are well known, though I suppose if I look real hard and he puts some serious work in on his game, one day he could be something of a fourth-liner who does slightly more than theoretically protect his teammates but in actuality does not. But I don't want to look that hard. Maybe if I look real hard, I'll see that you're trying to understand this life....that we're all going through.SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE I'M BEATIN' A DEAD HORSE! BUT I DON'T KNOW WHY YOU KEEP BRINGIN' ME DOWN!

Sorry...once you start quoting "Dead Horse: you kind of have to see it through there.

Carter Hutton? If Carter Hutton gets NHL minutes this year, you'll know something has gone pear-shaped.

-There's been some buzz about Hammer getting shipped to Ottawa, more than just the usual wall-throw-to. Some have said for Zack Smith, who wouldn't be the worst 4th line center ever. Some have hinted it may be for Craig Anderson, who would at the very worst push Corey Crawford which might be something he needs, or be a far more viable alternative than Emery. Watch this space.

-Evander Kane is either posturing for some serious money from the Jets, or he wants out of the Peg entirely. Either way, Stan had better be on the phone to his former assistant and see what that would take.

-The St. Louis Blues have re-signed Barret Jackman for three more years. Y'know, sometimes you just wish for something so badly, and you want it so much, and then when it happens you just don't know what to say. As a writer, I should probably send a small portion of my income to Blues' management for making my job infinitely easier today. I think I might cry.

Think that's it for now. I'll have another draft thingy later today after the footy.