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Cause summers here and the time is right for fighting in the street

So I’m sure a lot of you are pretty angry about how horribly the Hawks played on Saturday.  If I hadn’t numbed myself with booze I’d probably still be really upset too.  And there’s really only one way to get over your feelings of frustration.. watch two men repeatedly punch each other in face.  They fight so we don’t have to – and because we’re complete pansies compared to them.

A few other sites have been doing this so I figured I’d give it a go too.  I’ve collected the top 15 Blackhawk fights since the lockout based on the ratings of HockeyFights.com.  These are all user generated so there’s not really official about it but here they are:







1 11.2.05 Jim Vandermeer vs. Aaaron Downey Vandermeer (55.7%) 9.2 Link
2 12.07.06 Jim Vandermeer vs. Josh Gratton Vandermeer (83.2%) 8.7 Link
3 10.07.05 Jim Vandermeer vs. Ryane Clowe Draw (58.6%) 8.4 Link
4 3.23.06 Mark Bell vs. Josh Gratton Bell (83.3% 8.4 Link
5 3.10.07 David Koci vs. Josh Gratton Koci (59.8%) 8.2 Link
6 12.26.07 James Wisniewski vs. Jordan Tootoo Wisniewski (91.3%) 7.9 Link
7 12.26.08 Craig Adams vs. Josh Gratton Draw (48.6%) 7.8 Link
8 10.04.07 David Koci vs. Derek Boogaard Koci (59.4%) 7.8 Link
9 10.25.07 David Koci vs. Zdeno Chara Chara (92.1%) 7.8 Link
10 2.10.08 Adam Burish vs. Byron Ritchie Draw (63.0%) 7.6 Link
11 10.25.05 Martin Lapointe vs. Jamie Allison Lapointe (65.0%) 7.5 Link
12 1.22.06 Jim Vandermeer vs. Derek Boogaard Boogaard (97.6%) 7.5 Link
13 3.23.07 David Koci vs. Raitis Ivanans Koci (43.5%) 7.4 Link
14 10.20.07 David Koci vs. Wade Belak Belak (49.3%) 7.2 Link
15 11.19.06 Jim Vandermeer vs. Taylor Pyatt Pyatt (40.2%) 7.1 Link

What I find most surprising is just how much Josh Gratton seems to like to fight Blackhawks – 4 fights in the top 15 and they’re all against different Hawks.  Why does he hate us so much?

A lot of people (including me) give Koci shit for how much blood he lost in the fight againt Chara and perhaps rightfully so but what I think a lot of people forget is that Koci already had a broken nose from a fight the night before.  He does land one good one punch that buckles Chara’s knees though.  He might have been a lousy hockey player and not a great fighter but he does have massive Blagojevich-like balls.

The Burish fight that’s up there might be my favorite he’s ever been in (even better than when he dropped Nystrom) because you get to see just how much he loved his role of getting the Hawks pumped up before he became the key offensive weapon and penalty killer that he is today.

Which fight is your favorite? Are there fights you think deserve to be up here?  Or are you one of the few that thinks fighting doesn’t belong in the NHL anymore?  Lets hear from you in the comments.