If there's one thing that's become synonymous with people from Chicago over the past few years - it's change.

That might not actually be true - but damn if it don't sound good.  So just know - there will be a fair amount of changes coming to this site over the next few days and weeks.  We're still getting used to all the great options SB Nation provides for us but we hope to use them to full effect and change around the side bar.

For starts - I've updated the poll and moved it so it's up on the right of the page just under the Fanposts.  I hope to come up with a new poll every week to keep it fresh.  Ideas are always welcome so feel free to send us emails or leave poll ideas in the comments.  The current poll came from a commercial with Milbank just as I was writing last night so please let us know what you think.

I'd like to see other recurring weekly or monthly features on here too and will try to think up more ideas coming to keep things fresh.  It seems to me this site had a good following on SB Nation before dying out a bit so for all of those that have been around for a while - please feel free to suggest things you'd like to see.

So basically - We want this site to be very interactive with lots of commenting and fanpost/fan shots.  So go for it..

Sound good?  Good..

Lets Go Hawks