SCH Ice Cold Podcast: Season 2, Episode 2: Joined by Mike Fail

Mike FAIL of Flames Nation joins the guys to talk Calgary, sports fandom, and good content.

Robert and Adam are joined by Flames Nation writer and great online content man, Mike Fail, to gauge where to place the Flames in the West pecking order, discuss sports’ fans realism, his thoughts on the Blackhawks, and more.

The overall rundown:

  • Flames offseason recap: Who to keep an eye on and who they’ll miss.
  • What kind of impact will Brian Elliot have on this year’s Flames?
  • Whether Johnny Gaudreau is the centerpiece in Calgary and what they need to add to contend.
  • Rationale between blindly believing and being realistic as a hockey fan.
  • Pondering if Dougie Hamilton grows into the number one role everyone’s envisioned.
  • An outside the bubble perspective on the Blackhawks’ status as contenders.
  • “More Or Less” Flames Edition.
  • Mike’s Stanley Cup pick.
  • Mike’s thought process in becoming such a connoisseur and artist of great content. (He likes making people happy!)/

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Adam Hess and Robert Zeglinski are staff writers at Second City Hockey and Co-hosts of the Second City Hockey Ice Cold Podcast. Follow them on Twitter: @_adamhess and @RobertZeglinski.