Convinced I’m Wrong: Rangers 7, Blackhawks 1

Bah humbug.

The New York Rangers scored a lot of goals on Sunday night at the United Center. The Chicago Blackhawks did not, losing 7-1.

There’s nothing new to be learned here. The Blackhawks are still the worst team in the league and are only good at continuing to be that. The Rangers are probably just good enough to get bounced from the postseason in the second round. Jacob Trouba’s face is extremely punchable.

But we’re down to one week until Christmas. Your holiday playlist might need some new  blood. Second City Hockey is here to help.

Start with a crowd-pleaser, and Elton John has you covered:

The Ramones just want you all to get along on Christmas night:

On the other hand, the Dropkick Murphys do not:

Here’s one to appease the middle-aged white guy who writes about sports in your life:

This one’s for SCH’s resident pop music correspondents:

Let’s stay in the pop world for a moment longer for this song from an entire Christmas album full of — as the kids say — bangers:

The Killers? Sure, The Killers:

OK, that’s enough of that. Back to the ol’ bread-and-butter:

Any chance to work a punk band with Chicago roots into the content is going to be taken.

They’re not local, but if covers of classic Saturday Night Live Christmas songs with a heavier touch applied are your thing, this will do the job:

Thousands of gamers and I in the late-2000s learned of the existence of this song through Guitar Hero 3:

Did you know that Bad Religion has an entire Christmas album? They do. The whole thing is available to stream on YouTube:

And this song won’t cost you $500 a ticket!

From this incredibly biased perspective, the Jimmy Eat World version of “Last Christmas” is the best of the 9,478,234,589,239 versions that exist:

Let’s make sure we’re spraying to all musical genres:

Skypoint DMX:

(/touches earpiece)

I’m being told it’s the first night of Hanukkah. So let’s get to the low-hanging fruit there:

There are four versions of that song now. Much of the novelty has worn off but that was not the case when I was a teenager and they’ve been a staple of my December playlists because of that, so I’m sure as hell not changing my ways now.

We’re almost done here. Can I let you all in on a little secret? I fucking love the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I do not have an explanation for this nor would I feel the need to offer it up if it existed. I just do. And this one tops my list:

Let’s end with the classic to end all holiday music classics:

Happy holidays, everyone. Enjoy the week.

This list is by no means complete so feel free to share some others down in the comments.

Much rather talk about holiday music as opposed to whatever the fuck happened at the United Center this evening.