The Approaching Curve: Where Second City Hockey is headed next

Come April, we’ll have a new home.

Up ahead, there was a curve approaching
She made no indications of slowing

First off, thanks are in order, because we absolutely could not have done this without the support of the SCH community. Your response to our other updates was overwhelming and the contributions to our GoFundMe are why we’re still here — and why we’ll continue to be here.

So, once again: thanks.

Our fund-raising efforts continue and, if you are in a position where you can offer us even more support in the form of a donation, we again say, “Thanks.”

And now: What lies ahead

This particular version of SCH will cease to exist at the end of the week, Thursday night’s game recap will be the final post here. Starting with Friday’s Morning Bag Skate, we’ll have a new internet home.

That new home is up and running, although it’s pretty barren right now. Mmore’s on the way, including a new logo, new layout and the transfers of the entire SCH archives — although we’re losing the photos associated with all those stories because photo licenses are not coming with us, unfortunately. We were also told that we could not take any FanPosts with us, unfortunately, so we’d encourage you to go save one if there’s a FanPost you were particularly fond of.

The new URL is: now. Eventually, that website will be the new home of this domain ( but that’s going to take some time. Beginning Friday, all our content will go to the new place and all links we post via Twitter and Facebook will direct there. Also, no ads! At least not at the moment. We’re exploring ads as a possible revenue source for us because, while we’re not going to get rich doing this, we do want compensate our staff for the time and effort it takes to make this place (And if your business is interested in advertising with us, get in touch).

To see what a fully realized version of SCH may look like on Ghost, check out sibling site The Ice Garden’s new digs.

Feel free to head over to the new site and sign up for an account through the Ghost platform. The initial sign up is free and everything at the site will remain free through the month of April. As we close in on the draft lottery on May 8, we’ll set more concrete plans for subscription tiers at the site. But those details can come later as our primary focus right now was to get through this rigorous process.

There is a comment system at the new place, of course, although it’s not a real-time commenting system like we have right now. That’s another avenue being explored. We’ll have game threads up and running over there for the rest of this season — only 8 games left now!

A zillion other details are being sorted at the moment — we’re gonna have merch! — that aren’t worth getting into right now. But this is where we’re heading in a few days and we can’t wait to see all of you at the new place.

Any questions/comments/concerns ... feel free to reach out in the comments or on Twitter (@2ndCityHockey) or email (secondcityhockey at gmail dot com).