SCH Ice Cold Podcast: Season 2, Episode 3: How real is the struggle?

The guys discuss a historically awful Hawks’ penalty kill (so far) the trade value of TVR, and more.

It’s been an uneven start for the Chicago Blackhawks this season to say the least. At 3-3, their penalty kill is struggling (putting it lightly), some veterans aren’t performing up to snuff, and more. But, there’s still time to officially judge this team, if you feel so inclined.

Overall rundown:

  • While the Hawks are at .500, there’s an abundance of problems plaguing the team early.
  • Jonathan Toews has just two assists through six games, and is on pace for only 25 points. What’s wrong with the captain?
  • To say the penalty kill has been bad would be an understatement. The root of the problem and how to fix it.
  • TVR’s trade value or lack thereof. Pondering what the Hawks would look for in a trade of the defenseman. Does he still have a place here in Chicago?
  • Blackhawks legend Richard Panik has six goals on nine shots so far, currently on an 82 goal pace. While that’s clearly (un)sustainable, his place on the team seems to have been solidified. What to expect from this point on.
  • When to sound the alarms and push the panic button for this team and or to accurately judge them.
  • The definitive Halloween movies draft. From characters like Hannibal Lecter to Michael Myers, getting into the spirit of the season./

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Adam Hess and Robert Zeglinski are staff writers at Second City Hockey and Co-hosts of the Second City Hockey Ice Cold Podcast. Follow them on Twitter: @_adamhess and @RobertZeglinski.