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Chicago Pucks Cancer Approaching

Better get used to this, as we’re going to be pimping the hell out of it the next four days. Though right now I’m sure it feels going anywhere to watch the Hawks might be torture, doing it with others will deaden the pain. And doing it for a cause will do so even more. So please, come down to the Bottom Lounge (1375 W. Lake) starting at 6pm for Chicago Pucks Cancer. Check out their site and facebook:



Also don’t be afraid to put some money on the board on their twitter feed, which you can find through any of those links. Courtney’s, who’s really running this thing, is aiming to raise $5,000 from this and we’re currently at $1,600. I think we can totally do this. If you’ve ever thought about coming down to a roadwatch, this is the one to hit. I saw some questions in the comments, it’s open to all, and it will be downstairs. The way this works is you can buy any number of raffle tickets for $5 each and try for as much of the memorabilia as your little heart desires. Check out their stuff on their site.

McClure and I may even dress up for this, and the next time you’ll have a chance to see that is at our arraignment. So we hope to see you Saturday.