Children In Heat - Oilers 7, Hawks 4

Not quite how they drew it up, eh? I'm not going to re-hash all the goals for the evening, because this post would end up being longer than the Lord of The Rings Trilogy (including appendices and the Silmarillion). It was all normal enough until a complete seizure of a sequence at the end of the first period. Even with a goalie change and solid play into the second, the Oilers still capitalized on their opportunities. A late goal from Sharp and the obligatory empty netter put the difference right where it was after 1 and after 2. Oil 7, Hawks 4, barf bag- full.


  • This isn't on Turco. Bad bounces and dogshit defense gave the Oilers prime opportunities. Not much he could do on anything but the first. Crawford, on the other hand, has to have the goal from Jones at that stage in the game.
  • Enough with the home run, hero passes. Forwards need to close the gap between themselves and the defensemen both in breaking out and regrouping in the neutral zone.
  • Enough with Nick Boynton, as well. He's finding so many creative ways to take himself out of plays, be it bad angles coming back, taking runs in neutral ice, shooting the puck wide at every opportunity, or getting caught flat footed at the offensive blue line after failing to hold the puck in. We're seeing exactly why he's bounced around from team to team, with only a pinch of the selfish penalties he's prone to taking. I'm sure Jen Patterson (and her father, whom she obviously hates) is glad she got fired for this guy.
  • Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle - officially A Thing.
  • Whether or not Bolland was hurt or benched, he wasn't effective. I'm sure we'll hear more on this.
  • Ben Smith - has a big boy hockey brain, if a little undersized. He's like a pocket sized Sharp.
  • Speaking of which, another 3 point night from Shooter. At least someone gives a shit at the moment. Enjoy it now before his inevitable post-Christmas cool off.
  • Duncan Keith had 3 assists, 4 if you count ricocheting it off Stephane Auger for the Oiler's 4th goal, which is still about half of the hero passes he attempted.
  • I think the Hawks just shot another puck into an Oiler's pads.
  • Third period - 2nd PP unit of Ben Smith, Bryan Bickell, Troy Brouwer, Nick Boynton, and Brent Seabrook. And still no Viktor Stalberg. Holy 2005, Huey Lewis
  • Corsi tonight would make Mapplethorpe blush, but that doesn't equate to 2 points.
  • everyone take a deep breath. It's just one game, despite having some disturbing recurring themes. The silver lining, if there is one, is the Hawks get an opportunity to purge the evil right away tomorrow night in Minnesota. And that there's a game tomorrow is the only thing saving them from this. GOAL LINE. THAT ONE.