Blackhawks, hockey communities react to passing of Clint Reif

The Blackhawks and the rest of the hockey community mourn the passing of Clint Reif over the weekend. Here are some of the many messages posting online celebrating Clint's impact on others.

Sunday was one of the hardest days for the Chicago Blackhawks in a very, very long time. Losing a family member can be as devastating as any experience, and there's little doubt that Clint Reif was a member of the Blackhawks family.

The news of Clint's death on Sunday was both shocking and crushing, reminding all of us that hockey's greatest power has always been its ability to bring us together, and create those special relationships that transcend anything that ultimately happens on the ice. Clint's impact on folks around the sport cannot be stressed enough, so we wanted to share some of the reactions from across social media with everyone:

And finally, this is an older one, but Stanley Cup caretaker Philip Pritchard's tweet of Reif's family with the Cup was making the rounds. He was the final person from the organization to get a day with the Cup in 2013.

Thank you for everything, Clint, we wish nothing but the best for your family and others who loved you. If the Blackhawks or another organization sets up a special fund so we can help contribute, I'll be sure to pass it on here so we can help donate.