Columbus Day Cleanup

-First off, let me get some business out of the way: If there's anyone who has signed up for a subscription to The Committed Indian who did not receive Saturday's issue, and has not contacted me about it already, please do so. For some reason, a large swath of my contact list got dropped, and those people fell off it. I have updated everyone who got in touch and think I've fixed it, but please let me know if you didn't. My apologies for this little cock-up. If it's not the printer it's the list. If the thunder don't get ya....

-Right, practice today. Ben Smith skated, but is not cleared for contact. Wait to see if he has a setback first. Viktor Stalberg worked out on his own, but looks set to rejoin the team this week. He could make the Jets game even, more likely the Bruins game though. Corey Crawford took the day off to rest a sore groin. Might not be the worst idea to give Ray Emery a start this week, we don't need to overburden Crow this early.

-Ok, now to the main crux. Every so often, we like to see what this blog and its following is capable of. The time has come again, because there's a plague in the UC during games. You know what it is. It's not the goal song, which we've learned to deal with. It's not the live band, which I really don't have any problem with. It's not any number of promotions or gimmicks during breaks in play. You know what I'm talking about....

It's the power play dance.

First of all, nothing ever, ever should be taken from St. Louis, and this has been. And it's dumb. Annoying. And I can deal with dumb and annoying if it's at least original. This, my friends, is not. It's got to go. Even if they go back to that foreboding bass drum with the red lights, that would be cool. But this, this will not stand.

What can you do? It's the Broadstreet Hockey Cheesteak-gate carpet bomb drill again. The guys in charge of gameday presentation are Patrick Dahl and A.J. Dolan. Email them. Email the Hawks. Every day. Every single one of you. You can figure out where, you're smart people. I'm serious. Every day, every one of you. Let's see if we can't elicit some sort of answer or survey that they've done about this. I know you hate it too, as does most every other Hawks fan over the age of 14.

We have the power.