Committed Indian Summer Edition #3 Out Next Week

You might have thought that with August upon us and hockey news coming to a dribble out of a broken sink, that we here in the Committed Indian Lab would take off with it. But you'd be wrong. So next Wednesday will be the release of our third issue of the summer, the "Good God Life Sucks Without Hockey" issue. This will almost certainly devolve into a mockery of all Chicago sports (yes, even you first place Sox fans). We're looking forward to spraying to some targets we don't get to usually.

For those who haven't signed up and aren't sure what you might get, here's the page 8 goofiness from our Convention issue:



So jump in the pool, the water's warm. Sign up for the whole season and save yourself 10 bucks. You'll also get the two summer issues you missed. How you might ask? Why, by just going to this link here. Join the party.