Ryan Hartman captures another flinching victim in Corey Perry

It’s funny, you see, because nobody got hurt.

Hockey players love to talk about how tough they are, but Chicago Blackhawks forward Ryan Hartman has been putting that to the test lately. The agitating forward’s newest move is like when your sibling is trying to irritate you by getting as close to you as possible without actually touching you.

On Monday night, his latest victim was Ducks winger Corey Perry.

So satisfying.

And the crazy thing is, Perry could’ve known this was coming with a bit of advanced scouting. Hartman did it a couple weeks ago to Flyers center Scott Laughton. The Hawks winger got a good chuckle out of that one.

It’s not often you see hockey players flinch considering they’re taught to have their heads on a swivel, but Hartman’s fake punches have now gotten two guys to flinch in the past three weeks. Hopefully this keeps happening so we can just put together a big montage with the Rocky theme song in the background.